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New Foundations provides an array of services to keep children connected with their families and potential support systems. This includes:

  • Prevention and stabilization while children are still in the home.
  • Exploration and coordination of kin, foster, and adoptive relationships.
  • Group care and counseling for children taken out of their homes.
  • Counseling services to help children return back to the home after the family has received services.

Our array of services includes group homes, Rehabilitative Behavioral Health Services, WRAPS transportation services …

New Foundations is licensed through the Department of Social Services (DSS) and is nationally accredited through the Council on Accreditation (COA).

Q: What is New Foundations?
A: New Foundations Home For Children is a private, nonprofit treatment agency specializing in caring for emotionally troubled children, adolescents, and families.

Q: How large is the agency?
A: New Foundations serves over 300 children and families annually throughout eight (8) Upstate counties with over 150 full and part-time professional staff members.

Q: What kind of children do you work with?
A: New Foundations serves emotionally troubled children or families who have experienced traumatic situations in their lives.

Q: Why are children referred to us?
A: All of the children in our care have problems that most parents are unprepared or unable to face. These children come to us with complex problems and difficult situations.

Q: Do you need volunteers?
A: Yes! Individuals may volunteer time if they are screened through DSS and SLED, or groups may coordinate service projects for the children. Contact the Development Dept. at 225-1628 ext. 134.