5 Myths about Foster Parenting

Foster Parenting can be a rewarding journey for families and individuals wanting to help the next generation and contribute to their community’s well-being. Due to the pandemic and current economy, foster care is more important than ever as affected families struggle to get on track. Congregate homes are one option and do a good job providing for the children in their care, especially for those who may be working through trauma and behavior issues. But when appropriate, an individual foster home is a better placement for a child.

During the pandemic, families were understandably reluctant to bring a new youth into the home. Now that this crisis has abated, a new one has come up – foster home are not readily available to those in need. Children are being moved daily from one place to another, further traumatizing them. There is no stability and high levels of feeling worthless and uncertain.

Connections Foster Care, a program of New Foundations Home for Children, works to recruit, train, and support foster families. Their mission is simple – to do whatever it takes to secure the future of children and families in our area! One of the biggest obstacles to their mission are the myths surrounding foster care. These are the top 5:

1. We will get so attached to the child that we will not be okay with the child leaving – While some may feel this way, most find that when the child is returned home to their family, they feel a sense of accomplishment and pride. You will be a part of the child’s story forever, you may have given them some resilience and made an impact on a child(ren) that will last forever. In some cases the child’s family allows the child to continue contact with foster family even, after they have returned home. The children need someone to care, love, and guide them, so being attached to a child is a wonderful thing.

2. All foster children have behavior issues that are often times extreme – Yes, some foster children will act out due to trauma they may have suffered from a past foster situation or past traumas prior to coming into care; however, once they have some stability, most will begin to feel more confident. Being in a stable environment and home will usually improve behavior because of the structure and guidance they need to feel secure.

3. If I have children, the foster children will negatively influence my kids – The children in foster care are not juvenile delinquents. They are products of decisions that were made by others that have impacted them negatively. There is help for foster families who find behaviors challenging. Mainly, you and your children will provide a model of “family” for the foster child and be a good influence.

4. The foster care system is horrible – No doubt, the system can be confusing and difficult to navigate. While you can’t change the current system, you can be a part of improving it for the individual youth and families who become embroiled in it. You can create your own structure for the child(ren) that you foster. Create a system of compassion, show a foster child that you are there for them. You can introduce a foster child into a structure that allows them to see a worldview that they may not be accustomed to or just simply show the child that they can overcome a difficult situation no matter how dire it may seem.

5. I am not well off – You do not have to be financially “well off” to be a foster parent. A stipend is paid to foster parents for a youth’s needs.  Children in foster care are eligible for ABC vouchers, WIC, and Medicaid. Connections will also assist with managing costs, providing some of the extras that the stipend won’t cover, information on resources available to parents, and 24 hour help. There is no fee to become a foster parent.

We hope these answers can help you make a decision to contact us and learn more about Foster Parenting. A youth will thank you for it!


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