Teen Issues…And 3 Ways Parents and Caregivers Can Help

Risk-Taking – Substance Use – Depression and Anxiety – Obesity – Self-Esteem Issues – Inadequate Supervision Is your teen is experiencing any of these issues? If so, it is time to step-in! Teen especially need your support and guidance as they navigate these difficult years.   Talk to Your Teen Don’t pepper them with questions […]

5 Myths about Foster Parenting

Foster Parenting can be a rewarding journey for families and individuals wanting to help the next generation and contribute to their community’s well-being. Due to the pandemic and current economy, foster care is more important than ever as affected families struggle to get on track. Congregate homes are one option and do a good job […]

Car Seats, Please!

New Foundations has a transportation service to help free up case workers so they can connect more fully with their kids. The service covers the entire state, taking kids to and from foster placements, family visits, therapeutic appointments, etc. The service applies to all ages of children, from infants to teens. Right now, we are […]