In-Kind Donation Information

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The kids LOVE in-kind donations! While we are able to meet the basic needs of the teens in our homes, you can make the difficult stay more pleasant with a few extras.  For most of these teens, they are luxuries. Churches make soft comfortable throws to donate. Manufacturers may send us bedding. Individuals create drives in their neighborhoods for hygiene items and clothing.

Holidays and milestones can be especially hard. You can recognize the spirit of the day or congratulate a teen.  Just contact us to get a Christmas List or upcoming graduation/birthday in need of a card! These personal items let our kids know they are valued by the community.

You can also shop our Amazon Wish List any time to provide for specific needs.

These items are always good for church, business, organizations, and neighborhood drives!

  • Hygiene products – Always a need! Shampoo, body wash, hair conditioner, body lotion, toothpaste, toothbrushes, hair brushes, feminine products, etc.

  • Bedding and Linens – We usually have the kids take their personal bedding with them when they leave.  It is often the only set they will have. Twin size fitted and flat sheets, thermal blankets, throw blankets, bed pillows, comforters, towels, etc.

  • $25 gift cards – For birthday and graduation gifts. Walmart, Amazon, Target, etc.

  • Male and Female Undergarments and pajamas – Many of our residents come in just with the clothes on their backs. Because of this, we have an ongoing need for all sizes of boxers, panties, sports bras, socks, slippers, tshirts, sweats, etc.

  • Cleaning supplies – Teens are messy and it is great to teach them to clean up after themselves! Wipes, disinfectant spray, bleach, laundry detergent, dryer sheets, etc.

  • Health supplies – Headaches, stomach problems, and muscle aches go along with stress. Toilet paper, tissues, gauze, ace bandages, acetaminophen, anti-diarrheal, antacid, Band-Aids, etc.

  • Duffle Bags – No kid should have use a trash bag to carry their thing, but most of our kids come to us either with nothing, or a trash bag. By the nature of the system, these adolescents may live a fairly vagabond life and we make sure they have a nice duffle bag to use when they leave.