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October 2018





New Foundations Home for Children is a place where young people reach for hope and a chance at a better life.  We have had the opportunity to engage with thousands of children over the years.  A child is placed with us having experienced trauma and hardship throughout their young life.  In our nurturing environment, they feel safe and cared for, eventually ready to move towards a brighter future.


Every year at the holidays, New Foundations reaches out to our friends, donors, and the community to support Christmas activities and events throughout the year.  In December, we work hard to organize an outstanding Christmas for the children in our group homes, and want to do more for the families we serve in the community as well.


Will you consider becoming involved with New Foundations at Christmas? Tonight, we have over 50 children who will lay their head down in our group homes. Our calling is to ensure they know they are cared for. Your support in December will help us accomplish this during the Christmas season and will support activities, needs and special events throughout the year.  So many of you show your generosity this time of year, and we remember you fondly every day for your compassion and generosity.


You may choose to purchase gifts for a specific child from a hand written list of things he/she has asked to receive for Christmas. Some of you may prefer to financially sponsor a child’s Christmas list(s), meals, or activities.  Regardless of your preference, the end result is children being pleasantly surprised at the love and care demonstrated to them by your act of kindness. Their requests are typically modest, particularly compared to how some of us parents or grandparents spare little to bring happiness to our own.  The children in our group homes need someone to see them as someone’s “own” – that someone is you and me.


On behalf of all of us at New Foundations, thank you for your consideration during this very special time. We appreciate you.




Steve Dean

Chief Executive Officer


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