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The main campus is located at 2300 Standridge Road in Anderson, South Carolina.  GoogleMap  This facility is located across from Equinox Park, and 1 mile from the Anderson School District Five office.

     Main Phone Number – 864-225-1628

     Main Fax Number – 864-260-4699

The Family Counseling Center of Anderson and Empowering Families are located in the Seabrook Building at 410 East Shockley Ferry Road in Anderson, South Carolina.  GoogleMap This is less than one mile from the intersection of Shockley Ferry Road and South Main Street.

     Family Counseling Center of Anderson – Phone Number – 864-225-6266

     Empowering Families  – Phone Number – 864-965-0967

Staff Contacts

Steve Dean, M.Ed – Chief Executive Officer   864-225-1628 x1080

Kathy Krob, LISW-CP – Senior Director   864-225-1628 x1120

Nikki Latimer, MA – Therapeutic Foster Care 864-965-7774

Kaliah Leo – Empowering Families 864-642-7847

Tom Alexander, LBSW – The Family Counseling Center of Anderson   864-225-6266

Dawn Mowen, Admissions (GCIS)   864-225-1628 x1070

Rhonda Richardson, M.Ed – GCIS-Pathways   864-332-5332

Anna Cox, MA – GCIS   864-225-1628 x1280

Rick Gorrell, LPC – GCIS   864-225-1628 x1290

Sam Crosby, Clinical Therapist 864-225-1628 x1390

Krystal McMullin, GCIS   864-225-1628  x1250

Katrina Upton, M.Ed, RN – Nursing   864-225-1628  x1140

Evette Powers, MA – Quality Improvement   864-225-1628 x1030

Donna Harrington, Finance   864-225-1628  x1150

Lisa Norton, Human Resources   864-225-1628  x1060

Kris Greenway, Development   864-225-1628  x1340