A Spring Investment in Your Community

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A Spring Investment in Your Community

June 2023

Another spring is gone! And while we may feel the time goes by too quickly, the passing of time isn’t fast enough for our youth in care.  They are constantly waiting – to go home to the family they love, to find another family to love them, or to learn what they will need to survive as they enter young adulthood.

We try to make this wait as valuable as we can, and you are a major part of that. You provide opportunities for the kids to experience a wider world of possibilities through your donations. You provide trips to museums, to concerts, to major sporting events. You support life skills education and mentoring. You show these kids that they have value to the community, and that there is a whole world out there for them to experience. Their life doesn’t have to be what it has been.

As we move into the rest of the year, still experiencing financial chaos, we ask that you remember us. The past economic climate has not only caused problems for your family, it has also impacted the less fortunate in our community. This leads to calamity in our youth care system. Regardless, we will continue to be a quality, compassionate resource because we know you will continue to provide new horizons and futures for our youth!

This is how your investment could be spent:

  • $75 provides birthday, graduation, and other milestone recognitions for a youth.


  • $150 provides activities and field trips to keep the kids engaged and learning through the summer.


  • $300 will recruit and train a new family for the Connections Foster Care program.


  • $500 provides In-home support services for a vulnerable family to keep the family together.


  • $1000 will provide a week in the Pathway program for a young man 15-21 where he will receive hands-on life skills training to help him navigate living on his own.


  • Any Amount, when combined with other donations, will make sure community youth have a safe place to stay and a compassionate support system.

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